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The problem of piano beginners.

The problem of piano beginners.

When it comes to the piano, many people will say that it is temperament, that is elegance, that is art! But at the piano stage, I or you, even he, have encountered a little awkward moment, make a list of several, see if you have?

1. When I was playing, I lost my mind. I didn't know where I was playing when I found it.

2. Often in the process of walking or action, the fingers will play the air unconsciously.

3. In order to learn the piano, it is often used to make small movements that are not synchronized with the left and right hand. For example, the left and right hand also draw different patterns on the paper, the left hand is round and the right hand is square.

People often say that to do things with one heart and one mind, they learn to play the piano and feel like they are omnipotent, always showing off in front of people that they can multitask.

5. I bought an English book when I was learning the five lines, and I missed a line. I made a mistake in class and added a line to my book.

6. Learned a five-line spectrum, know the sound name, but can not find the position on the piano; The sound area was wrong, and the two hands started to fight.

7. The hand will cramp during the accompaniment of the left hand, and after a period of time, it will be hard to break.

You have to watch a TV series every time you practice.

At the test grade, runny nose, then stop, look for the examiner to borrow paper...

At midnight, I couldn't sleep and got up and played the piano, so that the people downstairs gave me a bad name.

Because the electric steel pedal is not three steps, the first night on the home is the mother to stomp on, the side to ask this what.

At night, the piano was pulled out of the house by someone...

13. It is always possible to play the right note in front of the teacher, or it is easy to go wrong when there are too many people.