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The introduction of piano learning

Your keyboard instrument

Whether you have a real or a piano, electric piano, electronic organ or organ, the tutorials will teach you to play the keyboard, a song, and learn the basic knowledge of the staff.

In simple terms, including the understanding of learning the piano keyboard, will hand in the right position, how to control the use of your fingers, how to use his hands rather than the right hand to play, of course, how to read music for piano.

What kind of keyboard instrument do you use to learn? How many keys are there in all? I suggest that you'd better use the one with 61 keyboards. If your keyboard has a gravitational sensation (the vertical keyboard) is better, it's closer to the mechanical device and the touch of the real piano. Generally speaking, the keyboard of the simple and low keyboard has no sense of gravity, and there is no resistance when the keyboard is pressed down.


Where does the white keyboard start?

Seeing the keyboard may be puzzled at the beginning: how can so many keyboard ---88 keys be remembered?

But you can quickly sum up the distribution of the black key: the three black keys and two black keys are arranged regularly, and the interval is exactly the same.

You will also find that the white key on the top of the map is regularly marked with a green letter C, which appears on the white key on the left side of the two black keys. As for why this is called C, it will be introduced in detail. The other one you have to remember is the C position in the center of the keyboard, which is called the central C. This is a place to keep in mind, and you will discover the significance of this landmark C in the future. The central C position below is the keyboard position of the real piano.



Group staff basic elements of piano keyboard

The top is that you often see the piano music, the middle of the hollow circle in a short horizontal position, is the central line between C. This central C position is the keyboard that you have to play with any of the piano pieces.

Music is a language recording music, like English, Chinese, it also has its own rules, tell you what and how to play. The most obvious feature is the leftmost clef forms, treble clef and bass clef together into a combined system, which is a standard form of piano music. Notes (later) on the line or on the line.

Fill in a set of white keyboard gray colors of central C. You will find that C is a group, seven white keys plus five black keyboards (two black and three black) constitute 12 keyboard groups, and this C group keeps repeating. The more all these groups are played with the left hand or the right hand, the higher the sound to the right, the lower the left sound.


C and eight degrees

The illustration above shows that in the central C right and left the other C in a position above the. It can be seen that the position arrangement of regular C on the keyboard to the staff there what rules. In other words, different C group no keyboard position on the staff contact what position, you can gradually master through a lot of practice and memory continuously.


Online notes

The other three note staff from the central line on the C is E G B, the E G B on the keyboard corresponding to the position.


Inter line notes

Now let's look at the notes that appear on the line. The central C of the upper figure is used as a reference position, and of course, C is not an online note. The top icon shows the location of the D F A on the line and the corresponding note position of the keyboard.


White key note

Now you should have mastered the white key notes. This is the C D E F G A B 7 Notes on the keyboard in the white staff position and actual position corresponding to the keyboard. These 7 Notes should be familiar to you, and the corresponding simplicity is 1234567.