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Socaston Piano Company has a classic piano Design Master masterpiece, its own brand, with advanced and unique piano production technology, more than one hundred workers with sophisticated technology and rich experience, the scientific and strict management recognized by piano industry at home and abroad, the necessary climatic conditions to make pianos ... All these will create one product of world admiration and proud and a more glorious era belongs to the Socaston people.

The exquisite craftsmanship of Sokaston piano is the consideration of each detail. The reason that it can become a luxury legend is the courage to make an extraordinary difference can cast elegant classic unique charm works. In fact, starting from the first piano, every craftsman is dedicated to work. We do not see their sweat, but can see player's tears. The sliding of each fingertip undulates in the black and white keys to make a series of notes under history witness. Adopted with black African wood keys, pure solid wood white keys, the stagger revealed a hint of fortitude, gentle touch like the jump of nature sounds.

The piano is so charming, it is simple and vivid. You can free your hands to the keys and play heartily.  With noble, elegant temperament, Sokaston piano brings the audience the twists and turns tactfully, beautiful and rich philosophy meaning. A high standard of music will never be lack of Sokaston piano. 

Sokaston's long history, deep inside story, brilliant achievements and splendid future will always inspire Socaston people to commit unwaveringly and struggle endlessly generation after generation! Hands to hands, heart to heart and work together to deduce more beautiful music! Surge and create brilliance in the sacred music art hall! The "Sokaston" Piano leads the world trend of piano industry, to create an internationally recognized high taste piano, achieve the classic piano model. It can also enhance the strategic thought depth and lead the world into the future in piano industry's only by black decoration,.