Brand development with China




After the death of Prince, Queen Victoria was devastated in seclusion, dressed in mourning for the rest of her life,  for a long time without public appearances. Windsor,  the prince’s room, was kept as the way when he had departed. Laughter and amusement were forbidden in the palace. In 1871, the Queen built the "Royal Albert Hall" to dedicate to her husband, Prince Albert and collected the piano which the Prince played the last time -"Socaston Piano". She often played the piano  as a tribute to her husband. After 40 widowed years, Victoria died in the 1901, buried in Windsor, next to the Prince. In front of the Royal Concert Hall stands a statue that was made by the Queen in 1862: Albert looked up, as if he  was looking at the sky above, and she was gazing at him. All of her love, piety and sadness were solidified in the statue that expressed everything between him and her. 


          Prince Albert and Queen Victoria had nine children, almost all of whom were married to the illustrious nobility. The seeds of the nine children were almost all over the European royal families.

          Decades after the death of Prince Albert, his daughter, Beatrice Princess liked "Socaston Piano" particularly. This is not only out of  the love  for memory and respect to her benevolent father, but also Queen Victoria's good intentions and preached teachings. Then "Socaston Piano" brand was popular among the upper class and Royal Palace nobility of the entire British royal family in the following decades.  Its technology and production scale was developed by leaps and bounds too.






           Nowadays, the branches of "Socaston" Piano are  spreat throughout the United Kingdom, Germany and even Europe after several generations of unremitting efforts and development. And agent network are also scattered  all over the world so that customers from Asia, America, Australia can enjoy good service. You can see and use the "Socaston"  trigonometric and vertical pianos in many famous concert halls, music academies and piano lovers ' houses. 

          With the advantages of wide range, deep and long bass, mellow and soft alto and clear and melodious high-pitched sound, as well as the outstanding feeling, coupled with excellent cost-performance, Socaston Piano naturally becomes the ideal choice of professional musicians, music educators and the vast majority of enthusiasts. Its unique design, superior sound quality and comfortable touch, not only are highly praised by the world-class piano masters, but also won the British National Outstanding Contribution Award and the World's Professional Exposition Gold Award. 

           When you open the quaint piano lid, ivory white key and red sandalwood black keys  look like still flowing out wonderful music, interwovening with thousands of emotions. These pianos have a long history and extraordinary temperament, each of them tells a lot of stories, each of their keys retain generations of emotion and wisdom crystallization. Foot-holding here, as if you stand in the historical coordinates, fly through hundred years, the sound is still flowing with melodious music.