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    In July 1856, Sokaston Paxman Saxony, the family descendant of Germany SAXON piano, inheriting his father's superb talent for making piano and majestic ambition, took pride in creating Paxman Piano Factory and piano brand in his family name in the beautiful city of Germany's Dresden. 

     In 1859, Franz Liszt, the famous Hungarian composer and pianist visited the United Kingdom. He dedicated the German Paxman piano as a valuable gift to the illustrious Queen Victoria and displayed the piano quality  to the stage of nobility, forging a prestigious status and honor.

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Original Special Movement--Six Point Positioning Technology

This technology is adopted by UK Sokaston unique design, the patented string machine system, the selection of high-quality wood design, and CNC equipment processing and assembly. The accurate and rigorous ratio data of hit string, fine process and six point positioning technology, made the performance of the whole piano achieve better results.